A few weeks ago, after a failed match through foster care, we sat and debriefed with our foster care worker. I said these words: “adoption is off the table for us at this time. My heart needs a long break. International adoption is a never for our family.”

That was 12/21.

On 12/27 my friend sent me a picture of the cutest little one and my heart did a little stir. We were speaking in the context of maybe her adopting him, and I fully supported that idea, but I found myself obsessing over him a little more than just a friend of his future momma.

As the day wore on, my friend had decided that this was not the time to add to her family. This little guy was so special to her because he was in the same orphanage as her son. She wanted so badly to bring him home, but just couldn’t connect the ends.

And that was when I knew that he was our son.

I told her there was no way for us to adopt him. I told her that my husband would never agree. I said “Oh, the money!” and then I sent an email to the agency that had his file. And to Brian, who was out of town. And we applied our new motto: “Why not us?”

There are so many children in this world that need someone to step up. I get a lot of grief for stating it bluntly and often, but it’s the truth and being prickly when someone says it doesn’t change that truth. While we list all the reasons that we “can’t,” children are alone. Once you see it, you cannot un-see it. Kids die, both physically and emotionally, without families. The last kiddo presented to us was a situation that we could never effectively say “yes” to. It changed a lot of things, because it showed us much more clearly what our limits are. I decided that would be the new approach: can we provide for this child? Can we meet their needs without harming the eight kiddos already here? If so… why not us?

That is how we found ourselves meeting my friend, a notary, in the target cafe on new year’s eve, frantically notarizing commitment documents to be delivered to Eastern Europe first thing on 1/1/2018.

We came home, celebrated after we scanned and sent them, with champagne. Then the email came saying that we had not notarized them all… big problem! Repeated the whole shebang on the first. Sent them again. And waited.

Last Friday, 1/12 we received the very best email that has ever been sent… Subject line: OFFICIAL APPROVAL. We are “matched” which means that we are identified as his forever family, and now we have to kind of operate in reverse to complete the home study, fingerprints, immigration requirements.

I am still in shock.

What a wonderful start to a new year. We are so excited to meet our son. We are so thankful that God saw fit to bless us with this opportunity. We are a little stressed about the money and the travel and the details, but every one moment of panic seems to bring ten of supernatural peace. We hope that all of the stars will align and we could bring him home this year. Every year for Christmas I say that I want another baby… and almost every year has brought one. Fingers crossed for 2018 ❤

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