So playa

I am going to write this totally anonymously about a child that I will choose to not identify because I am *positive* that you, otherwise, would not be able to discern which child it is.
Anywhoo. Since you don’t know which child I am speaking of, I can say this this kid is so many things that bring me such great joy. He is smart, compassionate, a thinker. He is HILARIOUS, introspective, quick to apologize. He is covered in the most precious, kissable freckles. He is magic.

And dude thinks he is the best at everything.

I struggle so much with this. Because on the one hand, I feel like every kid needs a cheerleader. On the other hand, I respect humility so much and he has NO CHILL.

So I was reading a blog that I love a couple of days ago and it was entirely unrelated, but it did involve a parenting crossroads of a much larger, deeper variety and she used a phrase that stuck to my bones and I’ve been carrying it around with me ever since. The phrase was: “That is between him and God.” I couldn’t really see what that had to do with what, in comparison to the author’s, is a very teensy tiny parenting struggle. As I stared at the ceiling last night, though, I realized that I was over thinking. It is just as simple as those few words. It’s between my kid and God.

I wonder how much we misunderstand of our fellow man because we insist on looking at their life through our lens. Instead of letting my kiddo be a kiddo, I wanted him to see life through an adult lens. Instead of letting him be young and carefree and confident, I wanted him to know that life will steal that from him. Instead of being afraid to fail at new things, He is confident that he will succeed. Do I really want to take this from him?

Today I am fully recommitted to being team freckle’s biggest fan girl. One day he will learn all that stuff. Life will teach him things that I can’t. All I can do is try to teach him how to land when all that he thinks he knows is upended. I can teach him how to seek his guidance from the Lord. And I can teach him that I am always his biggest fan… because every kiddo deserves that.

The rest? That is between him, the Lord and his gold chains.

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