Still my little boy.

What. A. Week.

Well, ten days. But who is counting, amiright?

Two Fridays ago we were enjoying pizza and wine and the tiniest two were enjoying each other’s company so much that we let them stay up a little later than normal and lay together on a “puppy bed” (piles of blankets” on my bedroom floor and watch videos on their tablet. I turned the lights off hoping to inspire some sleepy vibes and when E decided that he needed me, I said “No, no, hold on! Let me turn on the light first!” but we know how well toddlers listen. Crash, Thud, Wail. I knew without looking that it was going to be bad. Turned on the light to find his cheek split open, blood everywhere, already starting to bruise terribly. Once we got the bleeding stopped, it was obvious that it needed stitched so headed to urgent care, hoping to avoid the germs (and $350 copay) of the ER. They were so great and glued him back together and we were back home within an hour. Saturday morning he was playing and being his regular, sweet self and by lunch time, I expressed relief that he clearly didn’t have a concussion.

I headed to a session at a client’s house and got a text “E is puking.”


We headed into the Er and he was diagnosed with a concussion, Holy Saturday. He was released with strict instructions to rest and stay calm and avoid any further head bonks. He woke up in the middle of the night with a 104* fever. Persistent vomiting, lethargic. Monday we headed to the pediatrician, our third dr visit in four days where he was diagnosed with probably rotavirus. (side note: his doc was actually thankful for his illness because it kept him calm to help his brain heal)

Never in all of our marriage has hubby had to stay home for a sick kiddo, but he had to cancel a business trip because E needed his mommy’s full attention. He ran the house while I cared for our sweet guy.

Obviously soon H started puking.

You guys. It’s so bad. My sweet kiddies have probably never been this sick and I feel so helpless. Going on ten days straight of lethargy, vomiting, pooping, crying, misery.

On the Monday after Easter I came across the song “Still my little boy” by JJ heller and watching it while wiping my little man’s sweaty brow, I sobbed until my eyes would barely open. The rest of the week was shitty, too, but perspective came in those lyrics. I’ve probably listened fifty times.

I can stress and I can worry and I can try to control things far out of my control… but it’s handled, all of it, at the cross. He has them in His hands. He has ALL of it. He bore it all so that we didn’t have to.

A late Easter in our home, but it came.

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