Nesting like whoaaaaa

As we rounded the corner to the last piece of paperwork that we needed to complete, I started to feel the familiar urge to create a space for little Lucas. I love home decor and I love creating a space for each kiddo. With such a large family, I try to make sure that each kiddo has a space that is their own where they can escape the siblings and the noise and the chaos that is a family of ten.

A lot of this space is left over and re-purposed from other spaces. I am a believer in buying what you really want the first time instead of settling (I know that I am super privileged to say that) because then you can usually re-design a space with a few movements. It’s good for us chronic re-arrangers hahahaa. It’s not good for our husbands that have to deal with the small amount of storage we have being claimed by home stuff.

The only new items are the toddler bed, which I purchased extra cheap because Eli will never sleep in it, and the gorgeous art work from a canadian company called Timber & Gray. The animal heads were on clearance at target for $5 and… fun fact.. did you know that some animals can have down syndrome, too? There is a cute piece floating around the internet with giraffes, bears, pandas, zebras, etc that are rocking that extra chromosome so these little heads were a nod to them.

I love these duvet covers from Ikea, and have several of them, so I cut a full size down to make two for the little boys. I also don’t like messing with the inserts so I cut one down and sewed it inside.

The curtains are drop cloths that I soaked in bleach for an eternity. The house still smells like the YMCA but I *love* them and they were $20 per window. Holla.

I also made a new slipcover for the rocker. I am thankful for sewing skills because it’s a less bleached drop cloth that I snagged for $10. It’s just nice with kiddos to be able to give all things a face lift because.. they are filthy animals.

How cute is that tee? I’ve been a little “extra” ordering clothes for tiny guy but when I saw this, I sent the maker a special request to see if she could make a toddler size coming home tee. I can’t wait until I am sliding it over his head on the very last trip home!

I can’t say enough about that bookshelf, which was purchased 17 years ago from the land of nod (I am pretty sure it’s called crate and barrel kids now?). Like… that thing has been taken apart (this is 1/3 of it) and put back together, moved to three homes, up stairs, down stairs, across the floor, sat on, stood on and it’s still kicking. Kinda fun that I stocked it with books and diapers and lotions for my first baby and now for my (probably) last.

All of the letters are from hobby lobby (E&L and the marquee light)… I don’t love HL’s politics so I try to wear some kind of liberal tee every time I shop there. I realize this doesn’t actually hurt them but it makes me feel like I balanced the karma šŸ˜‰

Still on the hunt for the perfect sheets. Luckily I have MONTHS hahahaha

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