Four years of ginger

Oh, this kiddo. So much personality in such a tiny little body.  He makes us laugh with his hilarity. He makes us cry with his introspection. He makes me drink because he’s a wild one. And I would not trade a single moment of time I’ve been gifted with him.


Things I want to remember from this year:

  • we’ve moved you into sharing a room with Owen, but you really prefer to sleep with mommy. You won’t tell him that, though, so every night you tell me as you slowly and bravely head to bed “I will come get you if he says bad words, momma” and then shortly before you nod off, you tell him “I go pee pee Owen and I be wight back” and you run to me, where you belong. You are, after all, only a little one. You can sleep on my feet as long as you fit.
  • You have coined the phrase “damn one” when someone makes you mad, and if you are REALLY mad at them, they are the “damnest one”
  • You dropped out of preschool. True story. One day you just decided that you couldn’t be away from me, even for nine hours a week. And I said “okay!” because you are four, it is preschool, and we have a lot of years of being apart. No need to rush.
  • You are a shy guy, but recently have started to make friends wherever you go. This reminds me of myself in so many ways, especially as you are deliciously awkward. Same, buddy. Same.
  • You know IT ALL. I try to do learning activities with you but you don’t care… as far as you are concerned there is one way to count and it is NOT 1…2…3….4… it is, instead… 3…6…4…8. Whatever.
  • You need so many hugs and you call them momma nuggles and I melt.

Happiest of birthdays my fiery one. We adore you.

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