New beginnings

I am having the hardest time with this wait, and I need to put my big girl drawers on because the next wait will be 100x worse.

I think it’s the unknown. I do well with goals in my view and working to achieve them, but this period of time after dossier completion is rough because every piece of it is totally out of your control. It just is what it is… we will get through it, hopefully with minimal complaints and maximum growth.

The kids last day of school is tomorrow, and with the littlest ones being older it feels like a much easier transition to summer. I think one lesson I have learned this year is that I cannot be so focused on the future that I am letting the present slip out of my hands. I took the kids out to dinner the other night and we made a bucket list for summer and even with a part of our heart in eastern Europe, we are going to soak up our next couple of months together!

God sometimes tries to send me subtle messages and then, when I fail to catch on, he sends me flashing neon signs. We have a sweet momma bird on our porch that laid eggs in my forgotten hanging baskets (thankfully I care for kids far better than plants) and now her tiny eggs are (so freakingly ugly they are cute) baby birds and I know before long we will watch them fly the nest. Thanks for the reminder, momma bird.


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