Family closet

I am in a number of “large family” groups on facebook and honestly… they make my head spin sometimes because most of the families have way more kiddos than I do and the efficiency with which they run their homes is super impressive. My hats go off to these rock star mommas but as “they say”… that ain’t me, yo.

As our family has grown I have set these kind of goofy barometers to measure whether we were on the verge of growing too large. Worth mentioning, the barometers have reached daring new lows… hahaha… because like all things in life, you learn that nothing will ever look exactly as you imagined it. Anyway… my point is that one of my measuring sticks is whether this thing… whatever it is that I am considering… is something that “normal” families do. If my kiddo goes to school and talks about it, will everyone feel sorry for them for having such a weird, huge family? I really don’t want their lives to be defined by big family life.

So one of these “things” that I read a lot about was a family closet. I was like huh? what? No thanks, dude. And then I realized how many trips up and down stairs laundry is becoming. And then I started realizing that if I could empty out the girls’ closet, the addition of a new sister would be smoother in their bedroom. I mentioned it to my teen daughter expecting her to reject the idea, but instead she was on board fully because it would make her mornings easier, provided I outfitted her with a mirror for her make up.

We have a catch all room off the kitchen that we use as a craft space, play area, time out location… ha… some storage of bulk products and craft stuff and some overflow from my photography studio. It’s also a few paces from the laundry room, so ideal for whomever is on folding detail that week. With hubby away on business (this is always when I do this stuff. You will see this theme often. Bless his heart.)  I went ahead and moved dressers and set up the space today. I arranged it for just the two girls and the two littlest boys, as everyone else has their own room and they aren’t tight on space.

It turned out cute, and the boys can still play in the floor space. Hope this helps us with smooth mornings when school starts in a few weeks!


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