Yesterday my kids were complete animals at target. They are, after all, teeny boys. They are just four and two and learning about their world. The week had been long and overwhelming and full of high emotions for mom and dad and their little souls were trying to decipher if everything was safe or not. Their hearts were saying “comfort me, momma” as their bodies and actions were saying “I am feral. I need a tranquilizer.” ha


I was sitting in the aisle talking to Eli when a sweet grandma was walking past and stopped to offer some kind words and she asked how old they were. When I told her she sighed and said “Oh, yes. Terrible twos? I always thought that was a bunch of phooey. Society just wants them to not be real people with real feelings.”


MY GOSH. So true. I say this so often about teenagers, too. It seems like no matter the age of our little ones, someone will say “Just wait for…” and insert a negative title to a future stage, and so often they will do it with their child standing right there. Imagine hearing that. Imagine hearing that basically at every stage of your life you were inconvenient.


Mommas, we can do better.


Babies are hard. But the soft weight of their little bodies that settle into yours when you scoop them up? It’s the most delicious moment of motherhood, I believe. They will always need you, but not in that way ever again.


Terrible twos? More like terribly awesome twos! They will fight you to exhaustion on every single thing, they will feel big feelings like anger and frustration, and then they will melt into your arms for comfort because even when they are mad at you, you are their safe place.


Threenager? Yes. This one is accurate. But since teenagers are my favorite, I consider this the highest compliment.


Fournado? Oh yes. They are a force to be reckoned with. Strong and smart and energetic and completely, utterly fourdorable.


Tweens? Everyone talks about the eye rolling and door slamming and know it all-ness, but honestly we are on our fourth and fifth tweens and that has not been our experience. Tweens have brought deep conversations. Forming of opinions about big issues. Glimpses into their future selves that make our hearts soar with pride.


Teenagers? This is met with exasperation nearly universally and I do not get it. Can you imagine being a teen today? They have SO much on their plates and all people every do it complain about how they handle it. It breaks my hearts to be on the cusp of adulthood, preparing to take the reigns of the world, and always be painted as useless, entitled, not as good as the generation before them. Guys I have some bad news: we goofed stuff up pretty badly and our kids have a hell of a mess to clean up and every teen I know is ready for the task.


Speak life into your children and don’t let anyone take it from them. When the world tells them they are inconvenient, remind them that they are your world so it doesn’t matter what “the world” says. I truly believe that they way to raise world changers is to speak love into them so loudly that it drowns out everything else.


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