Monday morning stats

Number of times I have checked my email: 512

Number of times I hit refresh just in case it wasn’t working properly: also 512

Cups of coffee: 2

Other things I should be doing: 1,105,626

Plans to move away from the computer, checking for adoption news: Zero.


Y’all I have split personalities. On the one hand, the waiting is the easy part and I know that God uses this time for His good. On the other hand, I am tiring of the constant tightness in my chest. I strive to find balance between the two because I feel like a lot of life has been enjoyed half-heartedly these last four years, and I committed in the new year, new adoption, to fully embrace all of the moments God has sent me. Even the waiting ones.


In the land of adoption, a tiny baby girl is a unicorn, so I picked up this little cutie (that happened to share baby’s name!) to take to her on our first visit. We are hoping that will be sometime in the next few weeks. We’ve had a lot of questions about her name and age and if we have pictures and I can share that she is one and she is perfect. like… perfect. I felt led to not share baby’s name, even though I am not at all superstitious¬†typically, until we’ve passed court and she is officially a Higgins. We originally planned to change both her first and middle name (a huge departure from how we normally feel about this subject) but when we saw her first name and that it meant “hope” we knew we would be keeping it, which also means that not sharing it is the best plan (her government prefers that no identifying details be shared about our kiddos and little ones listed on sites like reeces rainbow are given “advocacy names” ie… their real names aren’t used). For now we are calling her ‘babyhig’ but I promise… her beautiful name and beautiful face are worth the wait!

Times I’ve refreshed my email since writing this small blurb: 17

It’s going to be a longggggggg Monday!

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