Girl room redo!

Did I need to redesign the girl room and set up babyhig’s crib? No. Did that stop me? Also no. Feathering my nest is one of my favorite hobbies, so I took advantage of this season of waiting (before the season that is ahead, called “more waiting”) to do so.

I knew I wanted it clean and modern, with nods to farmhouse and french country. I also knew that I wanted some sort of gallery wall, so ordered the black frames only to decide that I wanted to go in a different direction with the large engineer prints of the girls. Engineer prints are basically blueprints, and I soon learned that getting them printed is not as easy as it sounds. Staples refused to print them, stating that they “use too much ink”. I will do a tutorial one day next week on the best ways to prep your prints, and share how I got them printed, but I have listed parabo below as they specialize in engineer prints of portraits.  When babyhig comes home I will replace the chalkboard with a large print of her.

Also: the black gallery frames look really nice, especially for the money. I read the reviews because there were many one stars, and it seemed that they had some issues with broken frames. I thought that seriously, if that many people complained, they would have addressed it buy now, so ordered. Sure enough, mine arrived wrapped in paper only and one was smashed, one was slightly broken but fixable. If you need the three that come in a pack (as I obviously did), you’d better order two packs.

I had planned to put the crib in the closet, and even measured (which is not like me… hahaha) so imagine my surprise when I realized that it didn’t fit. Life tip: when measuring a space to see if something fits, you need to measure both width AND depth. Ooops. So… we regrouped and decided to make oldest daughter a cloffice, which couldn’t be better timing since it’s her senior year of high school and she has a pretty full AP course load. I got all of her books arranged for her, her fave playbills out, and she has all of my confiscated Tori Amos CDs from college, so I think she’s set. 🙂


So here we are!



Crib: Pottery barn blythe crib

Tulle crib skirt: Walmart

Organic crib sheet from Burts Bee’s baby

Home pillow (in crib) from Target

Duvet covers: Opal house garment washed embroidered duvet covers

Striped throw pillows on twin beds: Walmart

Large frames for engineer prints from Amazon

Engineer prints are from office depot but you may have problems, so I recommend parabo

(If you use code MDCDUC you save $10!)

13″ square matted frames: Walmart online (see notes above)

Chalkboard: I had, I think I got it from Target

Magnolia wreath: Magnolia market

The paint color in the cloffice is Apricot Blush from Valspar and I grabbed it at Ace Hardware


The twin beds we have had. The white was a purchase from 10+ years ago from pottery barn, since painted white with annie sloan chalk paint. The closest on the site currently is here

The black is from novogratz at walmart and honestly, I was thrilled to save the money when I purchased them but I think I’ve been spoiled by pottery barn. You definitely get what you pay for, but they are beautiful. I just spend a lot of time tightening the screws because they get loose and squeaky (like… weekly)

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