Engineer prints

I felt like the engineer prints deserved their own post, so as promised, here it is!

Years ago I pinned a post that used Engineer prints and a piece of wood to mimic the popular framing style at that time for pennies on the dollar. It must have been very popular, because I had a heck of a time getting mine printed and when I googled why on earth this was so hard, I saw several bloggers share that since the wide reach of their posts, print places were cracking down on engineer prints because they supposedly use more ink to print pictures.

I first sent my order to staples and soon after received a call from my local store stating that they would not print them and trying to convert my $7 order to a $60 poster order. I was pretty annoyed, though I tried not to be. I feel strongly, though, that it should state “You may not order these prints as pictures” vs the “not suitable for pictures” but also, I was about to start my period so maybe estrogen played a role. haha.

Next I started thinking that maybe if I sent them online to office depot and had them shipped it would be a more automated process and they would just do it for me. In the end, this was correct, but it involved a little back and forth communication.

After the drama, I found a website called parabo that specializes in this style. They are much more spendy than a copy store print, but appear better quality and are still far less than actual photo prints of the same size.

Okay, so on to the prints. Be fully informed: these are heavily pixelated, incredibly thin paper prints. They are literally blueprints, so you will need to plan accordingly when preparing your pictures. You want high contrast, black and white, with tons of negative space. In most situations, this would involved sitting your little one in front of a plain, light wall. I knew I wanted to use some boho pics I took of the girls last summer, and I also knew that I wanted to try to capture one of babyhig when we travel, as well, so I just got to work in photoshop instead.

The Originals:


Eliminate background:


Black and white + contrast bump:


On the walls:

Next you want to make sure you are at high resolution for printing to help curb the pixelation. I also added a small contrast bump, and I am glad that I did.


I found these frames on amazon through another blogger’s recommendation and they are just perfect. Came beautifully packaged and in great shape and have plastic glass, which is important to me in a room for small kiddos since that would be some dangerous shards otherwise. This wood tone was the cheapest and I am cheap, so I chose that hoping that they would add a touch of warmth to the otherwise cool toned room, but also knowing that I had black chalk paint under my sink if they looked cheap. I was super pleased.. they are perfect.

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