More waiting… but new, exciting waiting!

893A1088.jpgOne of the hardest parts of waiting is the imaginary scenarios and the stories that people share that “know someone.” They usually catch me at night because every day is so busy here but as soon as everything is still and quiet I start to obsess over the friend who knows a friend who had an aunt that knew a guy at work who tried to adopt from Eastern Europe and was denied for no reason.
As the days dragged on, I was absolutely convinced that we were going to be denied. Even though all of our paperwork is complete, even though baby girl’s file matched our paperwork perfectly, even though we are available to travel immediately and the money is all paid (what is due) and figured out (what lies ahead). We are experienced parents, she is a wee one in need of parents. Not sure why I fret the way that I do.

Yesterday our agency emailed to let us know that they had a small update before the weekend (weekends are SO HARD because there is no hope of news): that we were just waiting on a signature from the minister and then we can get travel dates. I believe that means we passed committee and now just need the ink. The ink can take a while and there is really no way to guess…. they could get to picking up the pen Monday or in October, but all that stands between walking into the home for children and holding out my arms to this sweet girl and whispering in her ear “I am your momma” is one tiny signature.

Today I am PRAISING progress, settling in for this next wait, and also buying the things to pack in my bag. Excitement has once again taken over the anxiety and brief moments of hopelessness that consumed me Thursday.  We are so ready. SO READY.

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