Day two: sick little rose

Day two began much like day one: in the hotel restaurant with crepes, preserves and strong east european coffee.


Side note: if you have ever had Turkish coffee, they are quite similar. EE coffee is like Turkish coffee’s weaker cousin. The first morning Brian had like four cups and all I can say is that I warned him… ha!


As we headed to the baby home, my stomach was in knots both from nerves and from strong coffee… hahaha. I was hoping that they would allow us both the morning visit and the afternoon but was not at all prepared for the intense negotiating that took place when we were met at the door. Since we do not speak the language, we just stood there watching the discussion volley back and forth, but it was evident that the director was concerned for our little one and did not think visiting was wise.

Our translator explained on our way down to the visiting room that baby peanut had taken a turn for the worse the night before, with the addition of a tummy bug on top of her strep throat, and that we were unable to visit her today but the director knew we would be heartbroken and allowed for a ten minute snuggle fest.

We have never been so grateful for ten minutes.

Baby love was SO HAPPY to see us and reached right out for me. While she was clearly unwell, I felt that her spirits were improved from the day before. I was glad that they had made the choice to give her IV fluids and meds, though, because she has had a heart repair (common for kiddos with T21) and any infection lingering can be worrisome. We soaked up our ten minutes, and then laughed when it turned into twenty because our translator had some last minute questions for the social worker that he thoughtfully asked at minute nine… and took another ten minutes to be answered. hahahaha… we LOVE him.


We kissed our sweet girlie goodbye and told her that mama and papa ordered her to feel better soon. We were met upstairs by her social worker and sat down for a Q&A with her and the director. They had questions about our professions and family life, and we had a couple of small questions about baby’s routines. The medical information we received in her file was very thorough, and the day before the director had offered a lot of additional information about Rosie, so we were left with just a couple of “thinking ahead” type questions.  They also asked about her name and we told them that we will keep her given name and add “Rose” as a middle name in honor of her country. They loved it and were so happy that we love their home. It was really emotional for me, actually. It’s one thing to be approved by government agencies and people uninvolved directly with the child, but to have the seal of approval and vote of confidence from the ones caring for her every day was really special to me.

We were sad to leave knowing we wouldn’t see her until the following day, but we decided to take advantage of a free day and explore her town as much as possible. We spent hours downtown, walking and shopping and eating and drinking coffee first, and later wine. The weather this day was gorgeous and we sat for a long while at this fifth story restaurant enjoying the views, the food and most of all the company. Thirteen years in and he still makes me kind of giddy to be around.


As parents of many, I cannot tell you how wonderful this time together was. So many friends messaged me that evening upset for us, knowing that we had traveled so far to meet our love and spend time with her, but I was really overcome with a feeling of peace earlier in the day (before we even arrived at the baby home) that we should embrace the time together. It was life giving to enjoy my husband in such a beautiful setting, especially with our anniversary just days later. This is kind of our motto anyway… find joy in the journey. There is always something to celebrate.

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