Day four: Visa photo!

All week we looked forward with great anticipation to Thursday, because it was the day we were busting out of the baby home and going out on the town! In order to immigrate to the US, baby girl needs a visa and in order to get a visa, baby girl needs a visa photo! HOLLAH!

We arrived, changed Rosie into a special outfit that her siblings had chosen for her, and loaded into the car. { I am going to pause here and state clearly that I am aware of car seat safety. I am also aware that you do not arrive as a guest in someone’s home and tell them how to do things. }


We were quite the spectacle. In EE you don’t really drive anywhere directly, you drive to the closest parking and then walk many blocks to your destination. It’s very much a city set up for pedestrian traffic and we loved that so much. SO, we parked and then went on our way to find the photo shop. Dad and I, our girl, our translator and a baby nurse…. OH the looks! hahaha!


Rosie was pretty overwhelmed by the time we arrived, and just wanted to snuggle into mama’s chest. She was not amused when I took her out of the sling for her picture and as soon as I set her on the stool she cried her first real cry. I scooped her back up, calmed her, and we tried again. Bless the photographer because she was fast and bless our translator for reminding me what a precious gift it was that I could calm her. She was learning that I was her safe spot and that was easy to take for granted since I am often calming children, between my home and my work. It was a really sweet moment. Her visa picture is OMG adorable. Our translator picked it up that afternoon and it was a treasured belonging for a few hours until he was told that our NGO actually needed all eight copies and we needed to return it. hahahahaha. That is okay… in a few short months we will have our sweet girl forever, well worth returning her visa pic! ❤


On our way to the photo place, we saw this target under construction. SO funny. They are everywhere!

We returned to the baby home shortly and it was time for baby’s nap. We were absolutely delighted to hear that we were invited back that afternoon, the first time during the week. When we returned they had to wake baby so she was super sleepy and cranky (adorably cranky). I rocked her back to sleep and it hit me hard that the next time I held her I would have to say goodbye. I spent our hour together telling her all of the things that I would be too emotional the next day to squeak out. The thought of the next morning was just almost too much. My chest started hurting just thinking about not seeing her for months but I wanted to pour enough love into her heart to carry us both through.


It was hard. I am not past the fear of loss. The possibility echoes in my head, and I refuse to entertain it. I have to trust that God is allowing His will, and that has to be enough. It crept in often when we were in country, and I worked hard to shut it out. I would not refuse to fall all the way for our girl because I wanted to protect myself, so we jumped into loving her as every child should be loved: fully, without reservations, from head to toe and with entire hearts.


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