Adoption update

All day, every day a few things happen.

1: I check my email

2: I miss my baby

3: people ask “What’s the latest?”

How lucky are we, you guys? Our village is so, so invested in this little, precious, magical girl. I am beside myself when I think of the joy she will bring to our framily. It’s God’s redemption in a way I’ve never known and I got front row tickets. CRAZY PANTS. Thank you, Lord, for your gifts.


When we returned home, I was frantic. I can’t even express the emotions but I think any parent can imagine what it is like to meet your baby and then leave them for months. I needed to exercise some control over some part of a process that I have NO control over so I went through our agency’s adoption guide, lovingly known as the BAG, and wrote out the steps to forever day. They were:

  1. I-800 approval (USCIS)
  2. NVC numbers sent from USCIS to the US embassy in Eastern Europe
  3. we receive an email from NVC and send the case ID # to our agency
  4. our europe agency (called an NGO) has the visa interview in country
  5. our next approval, called article 5, is issued
  6. Article 5 is translated and autheticated
  7. All documents are submitted to the ministry of justice… this is an approx one month process
  8. After approval here, it is sent to the courts
  9. Judge is assigned
  10. Court date is assigned
  11. Court hearing… officially a Higgins!
  12. 7 day waiting period
  13. 3-5 days to receive the decree from the courts
  14. 5 days for updated birth certificate to be issues
  15. travel dates to bring that girlie home!

On Oct 1 we received our article 5! Our file was re-submitted to the MOJ around Oct 8 and we are currently finished with all paperwork until baby comes home. We just wait now, at step 7. The wait is brutally hard, but we are getting so close.


Next stop… COURT!

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