Packing for your International Adoption pick up trip

I am by no means an expert here, so read ahead with that warning in mind. I will update when we get home on whether my best guesses were successful. However, this post is the result of searching online for such a list and coming up empty handed, so I thought I would make my own and hopefully it will help another family packing for pick up day.


I took advantage of both a rainy day and a fresh amazon delivery today to take the time to lay everything out in a logical fashion so that nothing is forgotten in the frenzy of the days before travel. Currently it looks like I will be leaving in about twelve days, so I am starting to make lists and gather our stuff. While I am obviously a pretty experienced parent, it’s hard to guess what you might need. Bulgaria is pretty easy to navigate, and replenishing supplies will be fairly simple, but I also expect there to be a fair amount of snow and I am a southerner… ha.

Okay, so here were my categories: Carry on, feeding, dressing, toiletries, playtime and then I will add some basic baby meds after my next target trip.

For our carry on, I have:

-our pick up outfits (in case my luggage doesn’t arrive with me)

-gel pillow for my tailbone that has been fractured a few times. The trip home was agony, so I am hoping to avoid that

-jet lag homeopathic medicine

-handful of diapers.wipes

-small can of formula and bottle, again in case luggage is delayed

-my dslr

-calming essential oils

-sleep mask


I have some concerns about feeding because we did not have the opportunity to watch Rosie eat in country. The orphanage director did provide a daily schedule, but I would rather be over prepared for problems than under prepared, so I packed:


-honey bear cup (link here), a favorite among parents of kiddos with low muscle tone/lack of suck strength

-textured spoon (link here) if she is able to eat from a spoon, these seem like our best bet

-glass baby bottles, these are Evenflo (link here) and there is not really an important “why” to these… glass is just what I prefer.

–Boon TRIP travel drying rack (link here)

-Formula. I plan to grab some squeeze applesauce and cereal, though that is my last item because I know I can snag it in country.


Dressing is obviously the fun part… ha. I packed:



-five pair of pajamas, for four nights. I hope I don’t regret that.

-socks and undershirts

-two pairs of shoes, one in each of my best guesses for size

-three outfits, three one piece cozies (the comfy one pieces are from burt’s bees)

-This stunning matilda jane snowsuit, called ROSY CHEEKS that was gifted to us by my darling friend Megan. You can find it here


Toiletries is next, and I packed:


-Burts bees travel pack (link here)

-Honest company floral diapers & wipes. When she gets home she will get the cheap target ones, too, but let me livvvvveeee!

-Not pictured, I also purchased this hooded towel to wrap her in (here)

-hair stuff including this awesome brush set from Fephas (shop here)

pictured here also is my happy baby carrier… I LOVE IT SO MUCH. (here) and my butt pillow #grandma-status


The idea of entertaining a scared toddler in a hotel room is slightly umm… overwhelming.  I just snagged all the black friday deals on infant toys.



But probably the most genius invention that I didn’t know existed was these headphones (bunny headband thing) and for $15 I figured it couldn’t hurt to try to distract her with the TV screens.

Blocks: here

Baby (oh my stars, she is soooo soft and snuggly and they have several varieties): here

Stacking cups: here

V-tech Peek a bear phone: here

fisher price coffee and donut set: here




Also, earlier this week I had shared this picture and had lots of questions about her sweet backpack. I bought it on a super sale for $19 from pottery barn, but it’s still well priced. Shop here


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