In full bloom

Yesterday the bright splash of yellow at the corner of our fence caught my eye. The show off of our yard is definitely the two beautiful cherry blossoms in the front, so this little yellow guy sometimes goes unnoticed, but is equally beautiful.

I think a lot of life is kind of like that.

Having a child with down syndrome who lived her life prior to adoption in isolation has changed our family. We notice things now that we didn’t before. It’s not lost on me that we brought her home in winter… barren and cold. A few short months later, she is blossoming. Spring. Hasn’t that been our whole journey to her? Waiting, then blooming. Waiting more. Bloom. It is a great gift to see life as a whole through the lens of our Rose. When I see how intentional our waiting was to prepare the soil of our family for the gift of her, when I see all of the seeds that God lovingly planted to ready us, I am thankful for every minute of every day of those four years. I tried to be in the moment, but much of the wait I was looking only to the blooming and missing a lot of the importance of the journey. Watching a child blossom before our eyes has taught us that the journey is important, the waiting deliberate. What happens in preparation for Spring is just as beautiful, even though it is unseen.

Spring has arrived, and our sweet Bulgarian Rose is in full bloom.  We are so, so thankful.


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